Saturday, March 31, 2007

Long Day

After fewer hours sleep than I care to reflect on, I’m up and out and at Stuart and K’s for 7am. We head off (complete with breakfast baps from K – she really is a marvel) for deepest darkest Leicestershire and the Greenbelt Festival Operations spring meeting.

It’s an intensive day, and the meeting hasn’t finished when, just after 5pm, S, K and myself have to make our apologies and leave.

Back in Manchester I’ve offered to drop S&K into town once they’ve changed, so that they can be on time for R’s 50th birthday bash. As it turns out, R invites me along and suddenly I’m in a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet shovelling food onto my plate like the best. What with the breakfast bap and now this, I think it can be safely said that I’ve fallen off the wagon big time.

It’s a lovely evening, but aware that I should still be preserving energy levels, I resist invites to go on to T’s stag do or back to S&K’s for more revelry and head to bed.

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