Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Green Shoots of Recovery?

By the end of Monday, my voice was beginning to fade and my throat become sore.

Worryingly by the end of Tuesday, my throat was quite inflamed again and my glands back up. Please don’t say I’m coming back down with it.

Getting ready this morning after a bad night, with throat pain preventing much in the way of sleep, I decide I need a boost. Time to pull on those new trousers and new work shoes (complete with the highest heel I’ve worn since the 80’s).

I’d predict that your understanding of how a new pair of shoes can help lift the spirits will largely correlate with your gender. Certainly in the office, the women completely understand the joy of my one-a-day gallery desk diary entitled shoes, whilst the men frown and pass by.

However, as with all gender stereotypes, there are exceptions. Take the latest single from Paolo Nutini. “I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right”. The dude understands.

After a dodgy morning today, things feel like they’re improving a little (the shoes obviously helped, perhaps those extra few inches mean I’m breathing cleaner air?). More likely though my throat is appreciating rest from my trying not to speak (well croak to be more accurate) unless absolutely necessary. Directing a team through the use of mime is a novel experience and not one I’d rush to repeat.

Still by the end of the day, my throat is definitely feeling better, so it seems to have worked.

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