Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling Small

I’ll put up with your macho posturing, your bullying attitude, your lads mag humour, the way you use banter to intimidate and your petty power games, because I must.

However, when your respond to my innocent statement about the small size of a stationary item, with a gag delivered in a belittling tone, inferring that I’ve just implied I have a small phallus, please don’t be surprised when I reply ever so slightly sarcastically, that “a knob joke doesn’t really work when it’s a woman, does it?” and that perhaps you might manage to notice that not everyone has a penis.

You sir, are an odious twat and if you insist on playing then I’ll happily forego my usual distaste for engaging in intellectual battle with an unarmed opponent.

Hear this sound? It’s the entire room laughing at you. You, your undoubtedly small dick and your even smaller brain.


Merlin said...

Er, bad day liz? I almost (I said almost) feel sorry for him. But he probably deserves everything he gets.

Merlin said...

Ah, scroled down a bit further. It was the ragu withdrawal kicking in wasn't it.