Friday, March 02, 2007


Our Client, a keen and very experienced sk1er, managed to return home from holiday with a plated and pinned fem*ur and a stapled, post-op wound, running up his inner thigh, from his knee, right up to, err yes, yes, I get the picture, no more details needed thanks...

Apparently this is all my fault, as my last words to him were "Have a good holiday, don't break a leg!".

I suppose therefore it is fitting enough that I'm doing penance, both in terms of trying to guide our work forward in the absence of his direction and in being increasingly asked to stand in for him in meetings and so forth.

Today there were three such meetings planned (have I mentioned I also have more than enough of my own work to be getting on with). So having crossed to the office on the other side of Horrortown, I'm there at 9am, waiting for the others to arrive.

I'm still there 20 minutes later, still waiting for the others to arrive. Hello? Anyone? Anyone?

Eventually I contact the meeting's convener on his mobile.

"Oh, did I not remember to tell you that the meeting had been moved to next week?".

Er no, no you didn't. Still I'm just mega busy and this has just wasted an hour and a half of my time. But, you're the client, so I'll just smile sweetly and then in private let out a frustrated "grrrrrrrrrrr!".

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