Thursday, March 22, 2007

First Class F**kwittery

The lengths some people will go to, to get an upgrade.

Hat tip to Merlin for the story.

Seriously though as more details of this come out, the complaining passenger's reaction is all the more astounding. Whilst it's entirely possible that in doing the best they could in a difficult circumstance, the BA staff weren't as aware of the need to explain things to nearby passengers as they might of been, but it seems one of his main complaints was that the dead woman's daughter's grief was disturbing the peace.

Dear Lord, it's enough to make you wish she'd poured his complimentray peanuts down his throat until he choked, whilst shouting "I'm so f**king sorry if my distress at the sudden death of my mother is interupting your enjoyment of the inflight entertainment!".



Merlin said...

Do you think that they had Scooch as the entertainment?

1 i z said...

Merlin I think it would be fair to say, that if in Finland Scooch's routine involves in-flight trolleys and body bags, it would be fairly universally considered as one step too far...

Merlin said...

I can see it. I can. In my minds eye I can just visualise it. And I am so laughing.