Monday, March 26, 2007

Goddess or Witch?

The wonderful domestic goddess that is K, was cooking for a dinner party on Friday and rang to ask if I’d like to pick up some of the spare ragu on my way home from work, before their guests arrived.

Now I’ve probably mentioned before that my initial belief that no food stuff justified a cooking period of some 11 hours, were silenced by the first mouthful. This ragu is legendary and offers of supply are not to be taken lightly.

Sadly, an urgent last minute meeting with ‘senior boss’ meant I was running late. K insisted I should still come and she’d just hand it over to me on the doorstep, but much as my taste buds were twitching in anticipation, even I was brought up better than to interrupt someone’s dinner party just to make off with some grub.

Accordingly we rescheduled and I got to spend a lovely evening with K and S on Saturday night, catching up over a takeaway. As I left the dish of cannelloni ragu is thrust into my very happy hands.

In a feat of great restraint I resist eating it until yesterday evening and hell was the wait rewarded.

Trouble is I’m beginning to think K has crossed the line between domestic goddess and witchcraft. I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I awoke with an incredibly vivid dream fresh in my mind.

I dreamt I had eaten half the gorgeous cannelloni last night (every nuance of the flavour was completely tangible), but had decided to save half of the wondrous dish for tonight. I dreamt that after a hard day at work I came home and the troubles of the day disappeared as I remembered I had the second half in the fridge waiting.

I woke up at this point.

I woke up happy, thinking oooh I’ve got that second half of the cannelloni ragu to look forward to.

Then it dawned on me that it wasn’t just a dream, it was an inaccurate dream. My fridge holds no such delights.

My mood drops, I drag myself to work, crestfallen and depressed.

My question is this though; what the hell is K putting in this stuff that it has this effect?

If her cooking didn't taste so damn good, I'd be suggesting we burn her...

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