Friday, March 23, 2007


I had formulated a long post, working through some major issues that have caused me stress this week.

However, the value of the exercise is probably already achieved and posting would no doubt be impolitic, so you'll forgive me if I abbreviate to:


Suffice to say that the end outcome of the moral dilemma with which I've wrestled, is to reluctantly accept I need to stop covering up and compensating for the shortcomings of the two parties (from quite separate and discrete areas of my life) that have again and again caused me (and others) so much stress.

Well that's the resolution in theory anyway.

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sally said...

I will continue to help you out here, ie listening to you rant, if you promise to do the same for me...before either of us are pushed over the edge..cos the bad news least one of the parties is not going to change...sob...oh, the letters below: mkfbppdc....