Monday, March 19, 2007


Well I survived my first day back and managed to not break down sobbing at the pile of backlog I’m facing, or the fact that my deputy, couldn’t seemingly summon anything from his 40 years of experience to follow the simple directions I’d croaked at him about work priorities and as a result the team have basically been twiddling their thumbs for two weeks, until I came in and repeated what the priorities were and prompted him to actually get them going on said work. At which point he ably undertook to do so, needing no hands on help from myself – so why the bloody hell couldn’t he have done that two weeks ago? Grrrrrrr….

By the end of my day, my throat is quite sore again, which is a bit worrying, but another early night will hopefully help.

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Merlin said...

The biggest mistake people make is going back too soon. We feel so driven that we go back when we feel we can rather than when we should. Pay heed to your throat and its warnings. Look after yourself.