Monday, March 12, 2007

on the tip of my tongue...

A life of illness gives very little to blog about (yeah, yeah, I know, when does that ever stop me); I mean it can't be terribly rivetting to read about my throat pain.

The truth is, there really isn't much for me to write about. I'm a shut in. My only links to the outside world are text messages and the internet.

Seriously, I'm so bored I'm starting to worry about myself. Short periods of feeling ok don't make books or films attractive, so I'm watching crap TV and reading dodgy magazines (Elizabeth Hurley's wedding - dear lord did she go for excess!).

Of course the internet isn't totally edifying either. Reading people's blogs does at least make me feel in touch with some lovely people, but then the mouse wanders and I start wasting time on the most obscure things.

On a plus side though, I have solved one mystery. When Sally was visiting the other week, an actor and his family sat at the next table in the cafe to us.

We couldn't place him, but knew we'd seen him in various things and I was sure he was in some sort of political, humourous comedy. A small part in The Thick of It kept coming to mind, but I couldn't find any reference to minor characters.

Boy it's been bugging me.

And then the other day on New Street Law, there he was and yes, now I have his name I can confirm he was indeed in The Thick of It.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jason Watkins. So satisfying when one of those "on the tip of my tongue" puzzles resolves.

Oh he was also one of the gay wedding planners in Confetti.

Never has the blog category of 'waffle' seemed more appropriate...

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sally said...

Oh, and he sat on the next table from us and ate his lunch..and talked to his agent on the phone...thank you for solving the mystery!!!!