Tuesday, March 20, 2007

River Sense

The first time I saw one of the swing bridges across the Manchester Ship Canal operate, the Eng1neer in me was fascinated.

That said, after this has happened for the twentieth time, usually when as you’re late for work, you start to find the rat run to the cantilever high bridge more attractive.

The road to the high bridge rises up crossing perpendicularly over the road which runs along the bank of the canal.

My Sat Nav however, clearly doesn’t accept the high bridge as an acceptable route and does its utmost to redirect me to one of the swing bridges. Even at the last moment it urges me to turn left onto the canal side road (to be fair, the mapping hardly reflects the fact that Ackers Road is some 25m or so above Fairfield Road), resulting in the impression that it wants you to dive off the bridge into the canal far below.

I’m not suggesting that every morning I jump out of bed eager to make into the office for another day’s hard graft, but I’ve never yet felt so despondent as to take the Sat Nav’s advice.

Similarly I may not be the smartest cookie in the world, but even I’ve worked out you don’t switch your brain off and follow a Sat Nav’s instructions verbatim

Sadly the driver of this vehicle appears to have faith of a far blinder nature.

I’m not sure which bit of the story is most condemning of her stupidity; that she’d follow her Sat nav’s instructions to follow a track, ignoring the ‘unsuitable for motor vehicles’ road sign; that she’d continue to drive a sports car into a ford on the clearly swollen (and ironically named) River Sense; or that anyone would spend £96k on a car.

Given that after being rescued she was apparently picked up in a chaffeur driven Bentley, the phrase 'more money than sense' would seem to spring to mind.


Merlin said...

I have to admit to being in a car that followed the sat nav above all else. In my defence I was not driving and I was the one pointing out that a track not suitable for tractors let alone cars could not be the route to a 4 star hotel. My four colleagues did not believe me until we reached an almost sheer drop, and even then I think one of them was weighing up the possibility of going over the edge.

Rach said...

Sat Nav, you've got to love it! There's a bridge here in Nashville that's not on our map. The voice gets quite frantic (at least in my mind!) as you get closer to the river "make a U-turn if possilbe, make a U-turn if possible....possibility of drowning ahead" as I happily drive through the blue river on the map! :)

Thanks for the laugh! :)