Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck

Fresh from ash-ing two parishes, S escapes with me to the cinema.

Good Night and Good Luck, is based on real life events from America’s McCarthy Era and it’s clear that the filmmakers are presenting it as a cautionary tale for our time. Above all though it’s an excellent film – I recommend it heartily

I recommend rather less heartily sitting in front of an oldish couple who feel no compunction to whisper as they provide a running commentary to the entire film.

Most galling is when she states regarding one character: "oh he’s the one that [major plot revelation]".

As a result when that piece of the story unfolds, the dramatic moment is somewhat lost on anyone unhappy enough to be within hearing distance of the anti-social bint (that’s about 5 rows btw such was her failure to even remotely lower her voice).

Her remark at that point of "see I told you", has me choking on the pop-corn and proves the last straw. I turn round and snarl "Yes! Thank You!" in a rather pointed way. Bad L1z – mustn’t snap...

Not that it makes a jot of difference. Grrrrrr...

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