Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well Xfm Manchester launched today, with the opening tune (as voted for by punters on-line) of I Am The Resurrection by the Stone Roses.


With Shaun Ryder dazed and confused in the studio and a Bezathon planned for later in Albert Square, they’re clearly setting out their stall as not just an alternative music station, but an inherently Mancunion one.

About bloody time and all!

So what with DAB loveliness allowing me to fall asleep and wake to Six Music and Xfm Manchester taking over in the car (strong signal all the way to Warrington!), my radio listening pleasure has increased exponentially in the last fortnight.

In fact my dial rarely returns to Radio 1 these days…except on the odd occasion when I happen to be on the road at 5.15pm, and therefore able to catch the next enthralling episode of Laura’s Diary.

The eponymous journal keeper is a member of the Scott Mills programme team; her sister Mary recently found Laura’s old teenage diaries stashed away at their parent’s house. Obviously, as any good sister would, Mary is now reading the entries out on national radio. Pure comedy.

Having your old journal entries exposed to the public, what a frightening thought.

Hmmm…time to delete the blog archive maybe?

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