Thursday, March 16, 2006

"We're cruising at an altitude of...the big hand is on the 5000..."

For the second time this week I’m on the way down to London.

This time for a Managing Volunteers training day planned for the Greenbelt offices tomorrow.

A combination of exorbitant Friday morning fares and lack of workable Thursday night train options, mean that against my usual eco-conscience, this time I’m taking the plane and staying over at Mum and Dad’s.

It should be a hassle free quick journey.

Unfortunately the flight is delayed.

Even more alarmingly, as we start to taxi to the runway a good hour behind schedule, the pilot announces that they’ve got the delay (which has been building all day) down to 30 minutes.

Do I feel comfortable being flown by someone who can’t read the dial on a clock, let alone all those other fancy dials that I’m fairly sure are important in some way or other.

Would I like a complimentary vodka? Export strength? Marvellous. I may as well die happy…

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