Tuesday, March 14, 2006

London and Back

Another Greenbelt Management Group meeting and another schlep down to London and back in half a day.

It still feels slightly surreal to leave the office early afternoon, catch the wonderful tilting train down to London (just over 2hrs – fab!), emerge out of an Underground station, go a meeting, head back down into the subterranean transport world, back to Euston, back on the last (and considerable slower – 3hrs!) train and stagger in my front door at 1.30am.

Turning up for work bright and early the next morning, people look at you funny: “you’ve been to London since our meeting at 2pm yesterday?”.

Still meetings like yesterday’s make the madness of this strange commute worth while. Some of the tension and stress that is going on in various areas starts to get chipped away at through conversations and catch-ups. There’s still a lot that concerns me, but this feels like a good start in getting some of it resolved. Plus it’s a great time of year in the cycle of things; plans are really starting to come together, but the mad manic rushing panic hasn’t quite set in yet.

The line-up is looking incredible already – Oli and Sarah have done wonders. The site plan is really taking shape, with new stages and spaces and decisions to be made about whether to do this that or the other. New associates, new set-ups, strengthened relationships, fantastic plans – so many people doing so many amazing things.

I feel really good about this year’s festival – I really think it’s shaping up to be a doozy of a weekend. There’s so much I want to tell you...but of course then the cliché would kick in, and I’d have to kill you. Instead all I can recommend is that you keep an eye on the webpages and subscribe to the newsfeeds. Good, good stuff!

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