Wednesday, March 22, 2006

World Getting Smaller

My recent spate of renewed blog-angst was not helped today, by a random on-line search by myself and colleagues I and J, for a spoof website that J created about seven years ago.

It was hosted by a guy we used to work with back then, but none of us have seen for years now.

Well his webpages are still there, but the info we were looking for is gone.

And then we spotted he had a blog...

So we clicked and skimmed and I started spotting things I didn’t expect.

I hardly knew the guy so maybe it’s understandable that I wasn’t aware he was interested in Inclusive Church and I guess the world and their husband link to Maggi Dawn, so ok that’s interesting but not too freaky, but then I spot he’s also quoting and referring to Kathryn at Good in Parts.


The world just got worryingly small.


Anyway, my name’s Susi and I’m a hairdresser in Southend, nothing to see here, move along now...

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