Sunday, March 12, 2006

"Oh no it isn't!"

Not a typical Saturday night out, but after a day of DIY (expanding foam madness!), I head over to Sale to catch the middle of my ‘favourite three nieces’ perform in a Pantomime.

And rather well she did to – wielding her pirate’s cutlass with true menace.

Sadly I have to rush off at the end after a major migraine has taken grip and I only just make it home before the retching begins and I spend the next 5 hours in immeasurable pain – head exploding with searing pain and extreme nausea that denies any attempt to ‘rest’ and isn’t even relieved by the violent retching that takes over every 20 minutes or so. My medication regime is pretty well honed and usually attacks of this severity are pretty rare, but this is the second in as many weeks that has gone to this level. It simply would not respond to any of the various oral wafers and dissolve on the gum options at my disposal and I spend the night in utter torment in the "I can’t cope with this maybe it would be easier to end it all" state of despair.

The question is, are these two attacks a blip or should I be more worried. Maybe it is just coincidence and it’s down to various coincidental trigger factors.

Various options spring to mind.

Maybe we should have a vote.

What do you think are the most likely causes of my night of distress:
Stress caused by the inability of potential future employer to confirm their final offer
The weather
Stress about Greenbelt
Disrupted sleep after the b**tard parcel delivery at some ungodly hour this morning
Stress about various personal relationships
Fumes from the expanding foam
Just one of those things
Stress caused by the disturbing experience of attempting to having a serious chat with a certain ‘lighting technician’ who looked like below*:
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*I’d like to point out I usually have a policy of not publishing photos of friends etc on the internet, but in this case that seems a spurious consideration as it looks nothing like the party in question...or any other god-fearing creature on this planet. Geez talking to Michael Jackson would have been less perturbing

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