Friday, March 03, 2006

Meeting Up*

Caroline, Sally and I have all confessed to each other over the past few days about how we are indecently excited about our planned girlie weekend away. The added bonus of having found somewhere that means Kathryn can join us for part of the time makes the prospect even better.

All of us have been having stressful times and the thought of spending time with each other and just giggling and shopping and eating chocolate etc looks set to be the perfect tonic.

Sadly after meeting up early evening at our bargain break hotel and sharing a decidedly average meal, we discover we have nothing to say to each other.

As we retire to the bar we each cradle our drink of choice whilst hunting around our minds for topics of conversation.

The solemnity and awkward silences continue and by 9.30pm we retreat to our rooms in despair.

Accordingly any reports of badly behaved women gossiping and laughing raucously in the bar area until nearly five am in the morning have nothing to do with us. Ok?

And if your ears were burning, it was probably just a result of the bitter winds we’ve been experiencing of late.

* some of this post may not be entirely true...

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