Saturday, March 11, 2006


My love affair with my new DAB radio continues unabated. It has the ability to record onto an SD memory card, which you can also link to your computer direct via a USB port.

My only slight complaint is that Pure don’t throw in even a basic SD card so that you can try out this functionlity.

So in for a penny in for (quite a few) pounds, I had a quick shifty on the internet for a cheap card yesterday and ordered a real bargain via on of my favourite on-line computer products outlets, Kind of appropriate in the circumstances.

Usually I get internet orders delivered to work, but that’s not as easy at this huge open-prison-esque complex as it was at my old small office. Still a card the size of a postage stamp should fit through the letterbox fine at home thinks I.

Well I have to give Dabs points for efficiency, at 8am this morning, less than 24 hours after placing the order Parcelforce ring on the doorbell.

Lucky it was a Saturday and I was in as I can’t help thinking the packaging was a little out of proportion to the contents...

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