Thursday, March 02, 2006


If you’ve ever spent anytime around church/god-bothering type affairs, can I recommend you check out the if you haven’t already?

Dave has a real knack of getting to the nub of things…and raising a smile on the journey. His cartoons about the Windsor Report had a lightness of touch that avoided offence whilst still deconstructing some of the madness of it all.

A while back he posted a cartoon that just sums up how I feel about traditional church and why I 'do church' in a different way these days. Whilst licences are the way Dave earns a crust (so don’t break his copyright else I’ll break your legs!) he has very graciously allowed me to post that cartoon here.

In future when someone asks me why I don’t go to church anymore, I will just show them this:

So check out the Cartoon Church and if you’re the sort that edits a parish magazine (I know it’s unlikely – I mean this isn’t the obviously blog for such folk, but you never know), get ye over there, buy a licence, put some quality amongst the dreary grey and keep a poor cartoonist off the bread line.

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