Sunday, March 05, 2006

The end of a perfect weekend

In retrospect booking a hotel situated on a map right next to a ski slope, should have rung some alarm bells with us (well I say us, ironically it was the one amongst us on wheels that did the deed!). The hotel is built on multiple terraced layers, and does have some failings in terms of accessibility (it tries really hard, countless stair chair-lifts for the inumerable sets of 5 steps here there and everywhere, but there's a few major gaps - like it taking about 2 hours and having to go outside to get to the bar and restaurant and then not being able to get to the servery), but the wonderful staff more than make up for it. Like offering to bring breakfast across to our rooms to save the expedition.

You can forgive an awful lot when they're so lovely like that.

We sit and chat and laugh and giggle and eventually manage to vacate our rooms and head for the retail park (well come on it's a girlie weekend away - we had to get some shopping in somewhere!).

The good news is that despite the best efforts of C and S I don't buy a DAB micro-system or a PVR (which I foolishly confessed to have been seriously considering for ages), but somehow I do end up with a toaster.

Which is good as my one seems to be broken (I won't comment as to who used it last...). Even better Caroline gets the matching kettle meaning we save a tidy sum by buying the two together. I'll think of her everytime I toast a slice!

And look, aren't they lovely! German engineering where you need it most ;-)

We all remark how helpful the Curry's shop staff are - loads of them and eager to assist. Friendly people seems Gloucester could almost be northern.

Credit cards still warm, we decide to have a very late lunch (it's 4pm, but then we did have a late breakfast), We follow the A40 to the M5 but don't find anywhere on the way. We decide to use the Thistle Cheltenham located just the other side of the M5.

Suddenly we're struggling to find someone to take our order, and then they've run out of wraps...and cheese...and...ah we're back in Cheltenham aren't we. Clearly good service stops at the M5 divide.

At 5pm we reluctantly say our goodbyes and head in off in different directions.

It's been a wonderful weekend. I'm blessed with the most amazing friends and i love them so much.

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