Monday, February 27, 2006


I seem to be collecting part written blog posts that I never finish. There’s just too much on right now to have time to blog properly.

To all those who have berated me for my irregularity, I apologise, I will try better.

Besides there was not much interesting to report – another migraine claimed the lion’s share of the weekend.

Part of the reason for all the busy-ness (and part of the migraine inducing stress no doubt) is that preparations for festival season are gathering pace fast. Emails upon emails, changes being made, decisions required, phone calls to make, meetings to be held.

Tonight Stuart and I were planning to meet up with Martin (the Shorter) and Pete at Martin’s place to discuss site layout issues, traffic plans and campsite policies.

Sadly Stuart has foolishly decided to fall for my usual Achilles Heel and have a migraine. Poor lamb, he has my sympathy (well assuming that the ‘man flu’ thing isn’t at play here and ‘a bit of a bad headache’ isn’t being compared to ‘someone drilling through my eye with a pneumatic drill, whilst wapping my brain against the inside of my skull and forcing me to comit stomach bile every 15 minutes for 7 hours’…).

Seriously though he sounds right poorly and wisely heads for a darkened room, leaving me to navigate the outer reaches of Bolton on my own.

After a lovely meal (as ever) in the wonderful Rose and Crown, we head back to M’s and pour over plans, policies and unfortunately, politics.

The former issues get run through easy enough, with decisions made, things are shaping up really well; it’s the people-problems side of things that stress me out.

This year there is more than usual, changes, politics, personality clashes, sensitivities, personal difficulties and more. The strain is showing and M and I share our deep worries.

As M puts it, things are creaking. Badly in places. And the sheer un-necessariness of much of it really stretches my patience.

I really don’t know that I have the emotional energy for this.

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