Friday, February 10, 2006

M25 pile up driver

Getting the train down to London, I browse the complimentary copy of the London Evening Standard.

This story catches my eye.

Peter Aldred, 41, speeding in the outside lane of the M25, attempts to retrieve a dropped sandwich, loses control, veers across the motorway and hits a Smart car, which then crashed into a lorry.

Fortunately no one was killed.

So what would you do if you were that driver? Ring the police? Call for an ambulance?

Nah, obviously the best choice s to drive off to Spearmint Rhino’s and boast to a pair of lapdancers about what you’d done.

Smart thinking girls however, figured action was needed; whilst one kept him…errr…entertained, the other told the management and called the police.

It’s the last line of the article however that stands out though.

“In December, Aldred caused a major security alert when he joked to the crew of an Inverness-to-Luton easyJet flight that he had a bomb.”

A serial twat then.

Or put another way, that’s 10cc you wish his mother had swallowed...

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