Thursday, February 23, 2006

Manchester, England

Head still not right this morning, but I struggle into work (late admittedly).

As the day goes on my head clears and I just about feel well enough to pop into Book Group after work (on the promise to myself that I don’t stay late).

This week’s book was Manchester, England by Dave Haslam.

A fantastic read. So much of it chimes with my Manchester experience – it’s like someone has written a diary for you.

From Industrial revolution to post-Madchester regeneration, if you want to understand what makes this pop-cult city tick, then this is the book for you. If you want to understand the working class, ordinary folk, grass roots, creative push that drives this city you could do no better. It’s pleasingly so much more than the Hacienda years.

Some of the writing is a bit haphazard (a bit better editing would have helped), but it’s immensely readable and well just so Manc.

I share the author’s passion for the city. Maybe it takes outsiders like us who adopt this place, to be able to compare and contrast and see it for the gem it is?

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