Sunday, February 05, 2006


Two computer problems have me foxed this weekend.

Number one, try as I might I can't manage to extract the tracks from my legally purchased copy of Richard Ashcroft's latest album, to put on my iPod.

The stupid f***ing copy protection is preventing every effort. The help file says I should be able to do it, but it just ain't working.

I follow it's guidance but iTunes states the copy protection prevents it converting the wma files, which I've duly saved to my media library and suggests I try from the original CD, which is fine except it thinks the original CD is blank.

Other ripping programmes are either similarly stumbling or producing corrupted and totally unlistenable MP3s.


I'm the kind of customer EMI should like. I buy the CD, I don't download illegally; but frankly shit like this is tempting me for the first time. Is that the result they were looking for?

Second conundrum is this. It should be a nice Polyphonic Spree game where you reunite lost band members with the rest of the gang.

Trouble is neither myself nor S last night can make the bloody thing work. Sure we can get one band member to flap his arms, the gecko to scamper away and the tortoise to rouse briefly, but beyond that progress is definitely limited.

Come on readers, put us out our misery, what are we missing?

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