Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Wonderful S&K and Millie the Wonderdog

Text messages are exchanged that establish the following:
  • S&K are childfree tonight
  • It would be lovely to meet up
  • How about going for a meal
  • Curry or something different?
  • We could try that Carribean place in Rusholme
  • OK we can always resort to Indian if we don't fancy it
  • Fine we'll pick you up around 7.30pm
  • Lovely - see you then
Those who know the protagonists will be unsurprised to know that what actually happened was:
  • S&K arrived at mine nearer to 8.30pm (football traffic apparently...)
  • By which time S had decided he fancied a curry
  • We ended up in the Punjab
And a lovely time was had by all.

Post curry we headed back to S&K's and...well I'm not sure exactly what we faffed about on over drinks (internet and so forth...)...and I did get the opportunity to meet the newest family member - Millie the hound from the pound.

Lovely creature, but not exactly the fiercest guard dog you'll ever meet - what with her being scared of the dark and all.


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