Sunday, December 04, 2005

Welcoming Baby C

Well it seems it was the day for irregular attendees to make a trip to church.

My reason? Karen, myself and the younger two of ‘my favourite nieces’ are joining proud parents M and R in celebrating the Christening of little baby C.

Now you know I don’t really ‘do’ babies (ugh! give me a puppy any day!), but even I have to admit she looked like a bit of a poppet. And it’s hard not to smile at her propensity for pulling M’s beard at every opportunity (who as K remarks is the cleanest and sprucest we’ve ever seen him – even the fingernails are dangerously close to being free of engine oil!).

In the course of the service I start to sniff a bit. By the time we leave church I’m aware I definitely have a cold coming on.

IM suggests he still comes across in the evening for DVD and pizza, even though I warn him I’m an unattractive bundle of snot.

I suddenly take a turn for the worse around ten and IM retreats from the ill-person. Half an hour later, my temperature is sky-high, my nose streaming and top bonus, I’m chucking up again.

I feel like crud.

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