Monday, December 12, 2005

Secret Advent Angels

Well based on comments and emails, it seems my post about Advent Calendars has hit a nerve; too many of us it seems are living a deprived existence, devoid of daily chocolate scruminess.

So my suggestion is this – next year we operate a Secret Advent Angel scheme.

Register in the comments below if you want to partake (if I haven’t already got your email then leave it in code – eg use AT instead of @ or something) and I’ll make sure that come next November, everyone signed up is given the name and address of one other party who they need to anonymously send a lovely advent calendar to.

The only rules are that a) I need to know you already in some vague way – this is not some scheme for any Tom, Dick or Harry who passes by looking for a map to the Punjab restaurant or something!, b) the calendar you send must contain chocolate and c) don’t spend more than £5.

Any takers? Register below…

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