Friday, December 30, 2005

A Land of Ice and Snow

Today’s plans for getting away from it all and going for a walk somewhere (possibly the coast), were always subject to the weather.

The forecast threatened that the snow would reach us and we woke expecting to look out over a white landscape.

As it turns out the weather did put pay to our rural excursion plans, but not in the way we expected. Drawing the curtains revealed grey not white and as the rain continued all morning indoor activities looked decidedly more attractive.

Accordingly we swapped the countryside for the Showcase and took a chance on Narnia.

I was in two minds about whether to give it a try…there just seems to be so much ‘baggage’ accompanying this film. Does it do justice to the books, would old Clive have approved, will Disney have ruined it, why are the bloody evo’s hopping on the bandwagon, has Polly Toynbee got a point or is she over-reacting, and does the slaying of Aslan conform to a tired old PSA view of the crucifixion.

Fortunately the film is captivating enough to make me leave such questions behind.

It’s not at all bad.

The Beavers are fab, Tilda Swinton makes an excellent Ice Queen and the children suitable flawed and not too stage-school on the whole.

The CGI is really something, which makes the moments of exceptionally bad blue-screen superimposing all the more puzzling. You can make a beaver look completely real, but Peter in front of a mountain landscape looks like something from the 60’s.

What happened? Did the money run out? One Minotaur too many and cut backs had to be made in other areas?

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