Monday, December 19, 2005

The Cedar Tree

Time for ‘pre-festive season social encounter’ as S puts it. Accordingly P&S introduce me to their new favourite restaurant (anyone with shares in the Punjab may want to sell! sell! sell! at the potential consequences of this shift in loyalty).

The Cedar Tree in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is indeed worthy of their praise. Excellent Lebanese food, laid back service (“our credit card machine isn’t working – if you don’t have cash, come back and pay another day”) and slightly surreal décor (the photo is of one of the walls that runs the length of the restaurant, we believe that at some time this may have been a huge water feature, but it looks for all the world like some dodgy set design for a sixth form ‘Monsters from the Swamp’ style home movie).

The owner persuades us to try one dish that he particularly recommends. On arrival he insists on us tasting it and telling us what we think. At this point he mentions that the recipe is over 150 years old and was passed down to him by his granny.

So no pressure there then.

Fortunately there is no need to fake delight – it’s fantastic.

I think I too will be returning soon.

Well I need to settle that bill for one thing…

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