Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Yule Y'all!

Happy Christmas everyone!

As I look back over the year (hey a blog makes that easy right?), my over-riding memory of 2005 is how blessed I am to have such great friends (at least some of whom are visitors to this blog). The start of the year was pretty rough and the end pretty good, but throughout it all, the constant is you guys.

So if you're reading this and you told me a joke that made me laugh, let me cry at you over the phone, sent me a 'girlie night-in' in a box, took my side without question, took me out and cheered me up, looked out for me as only a buuurrrdddy can, helped celebrate the good times, scoffed chocolate together, had a right good gossip, let me persuade you into doing something foolish with me, grinned like a loon at the best gigs ever, told me you loved me, laughed at my pathetic jokes, sent me a text hug, didn't get upset when I took the piss, or trusted me with some of your preciousness and shared some of your pain...all these things and more have meant the world to me this year.

So here's to 2006 my friends! I don't know where the ride will take us, but I'm glad we're taking it together (oh and I'll make sure we have plenty of tissues with us just in case any of us start sobbing again ;-) ).

Right. Enough of this sentimental tosh. Anyone get any new shoes for Christmas?

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