Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stocking Shocker

Brrrrr was it cold this morning or what? The cars were iced outside and in.

The sooner my garage is back in use, the better (it's gone from useable with dodgy roof, to new roof, but "oops sorry we had an accident and broke the whole door/frame out and can't seem to fix it cos we don't know what we're doing, cos we're roofers really you see...").

Must be well and truly winter.

Christmas around the corner and all that.

Seasonal food for thought via the ever excellent John D's blog.

The art student behind this billboard in Glasgow states that "the project is about how children are trained to become consumers from a very early age and how Santa plays a role in that".

Of course my own personal history suggests that Santa gives even less to four year old younger siblings of older blabber-mouthed brothers, who have fathers who say things like: "well now you don't believe anymore, obviously he can't leave you a stocking anymore...".

It took 25 years of complaint and ridicule of my paternal scrooge figure, before a stocking reappeared.

And then he'd 'amusingly' filled it with out of date food stuffs and freebie tat.


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