Friday, December 09, 2005

Just another manic Friday

It’s been one of those days when you just rush from one thing to another. The phone doesn’t stop, new meetings spring up and the item of work that you started on first thing in the morning is still there staring at you as you call it a night.

Dad had his hernia op yesterday and all went well. I guess the difficult part comes next as we try and work out a way that Mum can be cared for that doesn’t involve him lifting.

Mum is in a care home for a few days, but she’s not happy. She’s stressed and anxious and it’s kicking the MS in big style. Confusion reigns and the people at Orange aren’t doing much to help when they make it so difficult for me or my brother to put credit on her phone. Honestly, how hard do they want to make it for you to give them money?

Home via Sainsburys with a quick dash in for some basic provisions and then home and a quick tidy up. By the time IM arrives, I’m just a little bit stressed. Not good.

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