Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

Well I’m back oop north and recovering from Christmas with the folks.

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, in order to fit in with the plans of my brother, sister-in-law and my niece and nephew.

With Dad still recovering from his hernia op and Mum decidedly below par, this year we did Christmas-lite. The local butcher provided a (huge!) rolled turkey breast, stuffing was pre-made by Sainsburys, sprouts were purchased ready prepared and Christmas cakes pre-cooked and iced.

The reduction in work load, both on the preparation and clean-up fronts, was impressive and whilst it might not be the most homely or environmentally friendly way of celebrating the festive season, with circumstances as they are right now it was a most welcome approach. There is more than enough physical and emotional effort required in other areas without doing the full Delia…

Happily the low-maintenance style did little to impede our enjoyment of the day and with the kids excited as ever to tear open their pressies (and those of anyone else who hesitated…) it was a day full of fun and family.

Christmas Day itself was by comparison a quieter affair, with just myself, Mum and Dad. For the first time in 20 years or so we had no non-family guests (traditional visitors now sadly passed away or in care homes) and with Mum clearly struggling, it was a very quiet low key day.

Monday and Tuesday are similarly quiet and having spent time with the folks and kept my promise to get up horribly early everyday to get Mum up and generally give Dad a break, I return weary (physically and emotionally) home (only 6 hours of motorway hell!!!).

Just time to get in some sleep and a vague attempt at tidying the house before my New Year’s houseguest arrives.

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