Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve - PS2s and Pooping Penguins

With IM suffering the blues and me distractedly worried about Mum and Dad, neither of us are in the mood for raucous celebrations. Happily the wonderful Radcliffes provide a wonderful and comfortable soiree that we both end up enjoying hugely.

K has cooked up a storm (as ever – the woman truly is a domestic Goddess), S battles a headache to set off the fireworks, the kids are delightful as ever and everyone else chills out, chats, laughs and gets sucked in to the mother of all music quizzes on S’s prize new PS2.

On top of all this I get pressies. A fabulously mad Mandle Candle from the Radcliffes (it’s a candle that also has a battery operated light show within it – triggered by the flame – utter madness, but the effect is great!) and from the wonderful Sally…well how can I put this delicately…it’s a clockwork penguin that shits cola flavoured droppings:


All in all a grand way to see in the New Year, with fine company.

Oh and did I mention Favourite-Niece-K and I trounced the opposition on the PS2? We are the queens of the music quiz – hear us roar!

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