Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Deck the halls with glowing virgins...

It appears to be a fairly reliable rule of thumb, that the less affluent a neighbourhood is, the more money they waste on tacky Christmas lights, inflatable Santas etc etc.

Somehow P&S and myself have become increasingly obsesssed year on year by the lengths people will go to, to cover their abodes in the most revolting tat imaginable.

Tours of neighbourhoods are undertaken to track down bad offenders and last night, acting on a tip off, our journey home takes in a detour as we go in search of "really, really tacky - with a biblical twist".

At first we miss the biblical elements, the downstairs windows it is true are filled with very gruesome illuminated figurines, but it's all Santa and snowmen.

Then P looks up...at just the right moment when the vertical blinds, give up the treasures they are obscuring.

Three kings and a stray shepherd all beautifully glowing down at us...and yes in the small window around the corner we find...Mary and Joseph and the 'ickle baby Jesus'.

This photo in no way does justice to the full horror of this freaky show, but it was taken in haste and surreptiously as one party in the car is known to the owner of the house in question and feels being spotted laughing hysterically at his oh so worthy tableau might not go down too well...

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