Saturday, December 17, 2005

Keeping Mum

Lazy, lazy Saturday – all plans for walks and art galleries are shelved for some R&R.

A late brunch of a bacon sarnie, disproves last nights “we’ll never eat again theory”.

Late afternoon we head to Showcase to see Keeping Mum.

It’s not a bad film, it’s just not very good either, which is a real shame given the potential of the cast.

IM and I agree that the strongest impression it leaves us with is “I wonder where that café with the fabulous view, that the characters meet up in, is in real life?”

Sponsorship by Isle of Man films makes me think it maybe somewhere there, but if anyone knows the answer…

Chorizo in a red wine, shallots and cherry tomatoes sauce served on char-grilled polenta to start and a scrummy chicken, butternut squash, almond and apricot tagine with lime cous cous for main…see you don’t always have to eat out to experience culinary delights. Once in a blue moon I can do a passable impression of a domestic goddess.

When I can be bothered.

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