Wednesday, June 28, 2006


From time to time I check the referrals to this site via Site Meter. Regular readers will be aware of my ongoing fascination regarding what strange search terms bring people to these shores.

In a bored moment this evening I had a browse of referrals from the last two days and something catches my eye; a link from a Wikipedia entry for the 'actor' Paul Danan. It must it seems, for some reason, include a link to my blog. How bizarre.

Investigating further...the Wikipedia entry can be found here.

I'm thinking it may not last very long in it's current form, so I'll quote for posterity (pay particular attention to the last line):

Paul Danan is a British actor who played Sol Patrick in the UK teen soap opera Hollyoaks. He also appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Love Island where he had a series of liaisons with the female contestants on the show.

He is currently presenting a British Television series entitled "Test Drive my Girlfriend". Where he acts as a modern-day cupid and dates the girls first. Paul meets the loveless bachelors to discover why they are single, assesses their love requirements and auditions suitable girls all over the UK to draw up a shortlist of two potential suitors.

Paul Danan is widely regarded as a bell end [[1]]

And yes, in case you're wondering, the link from that last sentence leads to my blog.

In particular a post I made last year, which included an extract from a Guardian piece regarding Celebrity Love Island.

So come on, 'fess up, which one of you has been buggering around on Wikipedia?

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