Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Shoes?

I popped into Next whilst I was waiting for my migraine medication prescription to be filled in the next door Boots (best to go to Greenbelt planning weekends well armed I find).

I’ve been looking for some bright red shoes, to go with a particular outfit. Something bright, fairly cheap, bit of a heel maybe and suitable for wearing with a skirt.

I try on a pair of patent strappy shoes that look really nice. A bit of a heel is ok but this must be a good three inches or so and not a wedgy heel, but a fine shaped heel.

Concern number one – I’m tall enough as it is.

Concern number two – I don’t possess the gene required for graceful perambulation in such items.

With a reluctant admission of “who am I kidding?” I put them back on the shelf.

But it would be rude to leave without something right?

Or somethings…

One pair of black flats with (joy of joys) a strap round the heel – I love mules and toe only sandals, but they aren’t really practical for a lot of walking.

That said I can’t resist one pair of thong style Birkenstock-esque sandals as well.

They sparkle. They shine. They delight.


Steve said...

Finally you quit blogging about 'the world' and get back to what really matters... :o)

S x

Emma said...

Lovely sparkly shoes! Much envy.

Em x

Rainbow dreams said...

ohhhhh I like those - and the red ones sound good too - have only recently discovered just how much pleasure shoe shopping inparticular can bring - and is greatly life enhancing :-)