Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fret Phobia at the Iguana Bar, Chorlton

P&S had suggested a BBQ, but we all end up deciding we’re too tired, so after a leisurely evening I meet up with Stuart and Rob just before 10pm and we head to see Steve Lawson play at the Iguana Bar.

Their faces fall a little when en-route I mention the phrase ‘solo bass guitar’, but of course Steve does very strange things (looping techno-stuffy etc) with his bass guitar making it more melodious and layered than one can imagine possible. Consequently the initial reservation of my compadres, appeared to be won over.

And of course the lovely man, says hello from the ‘stage’ bless him, making Sally (who we rang up mid-gig as is traditional) very jealous.

As instructed Sall, I berated the man about his lack of such courtesies in London (good excuse mind, ie he knows half the crowd in london so…) and furthermore about the utter fabrication of Iguana’s advertising.

Not ‘of’ Level 42 or King Crimson (both seem like insults to me, but hey-di-ho) and they didn’t charge for entry…so other than the names and the date…

Oh and Steve assures me it’s just lines on his bass, not frets. Still that’s cheating a bit isn’t it? His side-kick and Sideshow Bob look-a-like, Ned Evett’s guitars have no markings at all (we think he plays by voodoo), now that’s impressive.

Still a grand night-out (and not just because Mr Lawson said he’d set his cyber-stalker on me if I wrote anything bad). Hopefully a better experience for Steve and Ned as well – you can read their Spinal Tap-esque experiences from previous dates on the tour here. Let’s just say that Blooz Promoz of Leeds doesn’t come out of it very well (there you go Steve, I’m helping your google aims!).

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sally said...

Guitars need frets. It's normal. otherwise you're just making life hard for yourself!!! Oh dear, read my blog and you'll see I'm upset twice over!!!!!