Monday, June 12, 2006

Management Group

Management Group at All Hallows tonight: travelling on the tube through the city in rush hour in nightmare temperatures. The Evening Standard leads with stories about how paramedics are standing by because of the heat on the tube today.

I used to think nothing of this...or at least I took it to be an unavoidable part of life.

One of the many aspects of London I’m glad to have left behind.

As ever the meeting goes on just that bit too long to allow me to make it to the pub with the others; some snatched minutes with people before we head in different directions is all I manage.

At Euston the train fails to leave on time. A faulty windscreen wiper has us waiting for a fitter to attend and remedy the problem. At last we set off, a diverted route, via Northampton and God knows where.

Home at last. Exhausted. A long day.

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NicolaH said...

You know if we northerners keep infiltrating Management Group we might be able to relocate the office..... though I suspect this might be wishful thinking! Same night my train left 3/4 hour late too - got home 1am.... humf!