Monday, June 12, 2006

Urban Commandos

My mother and I are a crack team. No really we’re like the SAS in this field on endeavour. I’ve learnt the trade from her, she in turn learnt it from her mother. Our skills are finely honed. Over 60 years of combined experience.

The MS and geographic separation have prevented joint forays in recent years – it’s been far too long since the girls were out in the field doing what we do best.

And we do it so well.

Stand aside, make way, look on in awe, give us your credit cards – the demon shoppers are back in town.

The scores on the doors at the end of our strict two hour time allowance:
Matriach – 4 skirts, 2 tops*
Grasshopper – 1 skirt, 1 top

I still have much to learn.

In addition, we also got through:

  • a frothy cappuchino
  • a diet coke
  • two danish pastries
  • lasagne and salad
  • a toasted pannini
  • much giggling
  • people watching
  • nostalgia
  • gossip and catch up
  • serious heart to hearts
  • much hand holding and hugs
  • rationalising of shopping into small number of carriers to make it look like we’d bought less than we had...

Unfortunately the plan of Dad dropping us and Mum’s scooter off in Croydon and then picking us up later was somewhat scuppered by an incident that caused the police to cordon off the town centre.

Still I’m sure the dash from one end of Croydon to the other, because the police would only let Dad get that far and stay for a short period of time, did me good really. Even if it was in 34 degrees in the shade.

Mum can’t half get a speed up on the scooter when she wants to.

I wonder if they do side-cars?

Or a trailer for the carrier bags...

*ok I confess, she actually bought one of the tops in three different colours, but in the counting scheme known as "explaining to one’s husband" that only counts as one really. It's kind of a girl's version of binary...


Caroline said...

no, i've read it three times now, it definelty impies that the lovely liz bought a skirt. A skirt? Liz? is that to go with my new lipstick? shall we be girlies together? oooh scarey.

Sally said...

Sounds fun and lvoely and a special time for yu and yur mumm Hope you get to do it again soon!!!!!! It's the giggling that really makes it......