Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm L1z...who are you?

In a moment of bravery/stupidity (you decide), I'm taking up Jude's challenge.

In the spirit of 'reaching out', let's see you touch the screen with your responses to this (cut and paste into the comments and add your answers). Go on, around 50 of you buggers allegedly read this drivel everyday, let's find out a little more about you eh?

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

01. Who are you?
02. Are we friends?
03. When and how did we meet?
04. Do/Did you have a crush on me?
05. Would you kiss me?
06. Describe me in one word.
07. What was your first impression?
08. Do you still think that way about me now?
09. What reminds you of me?
10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
11. How well do you know me?
12. When’s the last time you saw me?
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
14. Are you going to put this on your blog/journal and see what I say about you?
Mmmmm am I going to regret this?


Stick said...

02.I would like to think so
03.Greenbelt, several years ago
05.Yes, but no tongues
07.A bit scary
08.No, I think you’re lovely
09.Laughter, indian food & shoes
10.A cure for migraine
11.Not that well
12.Greenbelt Winter Ops Retreat
13.Nothing comes to mind
14.Why not.

Steve said...

1 - steve
2 - yes
3 - greenbelt at some point in the dim, distant and murky past.
4 - not that I remember, but that doesn't mean much... ;o)
5 - any time you like, sweetie
6 - shoes
7 - that you were fun, clever and clearly knew what you were doing with a radio and a yellow vest.
8 - yup
9 - shoes
10 - some kind of curry flavoured edible shoe
11 - not well enough
12 - GB, I think
13 - don't think so
14 - nope.


Anne said...

01. Anne
02. I doubt you know who I am!
03. Greenbelt forum
04. Er no.
05. Probably not
06. Indescribable.
07. A bit scary, obviously trying to find a way through a difficult situation and understandably very frustrated
08. No - I think you're weird - you don't like celery - huh? What's not to like?
09. Celery (I once posted a recipe - you described celery in extremely negative terms ;-) )
10. Not celery - it would be wasted on you ;-)
11. Hardly at all
12. Not sure - did you stand up in Leo Whathisface's seminar at Greenbelt last year?
13. Nope
14. Alright then.

darren said...

promise i wrote this before checking out answers of others. any resemblence is purely coincidental.

01. darren
02. yes. i would share my innermost thoughts with you and allow you to look after my children
03. at greenbelt when i was a venue manger and you hassled me about queing systems
04. no but you are beautiful
05. have done and would again
06. smiley
07. (in your greenbelt persona) your understated importance was overwhelming
08. (tongue in cheek) now your overstated importance is underwhelming
09. your blog, duh
10. relief from migraine - i used to suffer now hardly ever do
11. not as well as i'd like
12. the ops/pg wekend away
13. no
14. absolutely

darren said...
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sally said...

01. Sally
02. I hope so - I have been your room buddy!
03. GB Ops weekend Cheltenham a long time ago now
04. A bit
05. I have
06. Lvoely
07. Gay, possibly?
08. No, you turned me down.
09. Laughing and penguins
10. Another penguin for your collection
11. Very well, I hope
12. In bed when I was leaving for the ferry on Iona!
13. Er,yes, but now I have x
14. Oh, ok......

LauraHD said...

01. Laura
02. maybe the best term is “fellow Greenbelters” and sometime Sanctus1-ers
03. um, I think at a Sanctus1 Wed night?
04. nope
05. yeah if you needed one
06. hilarious
07. nice hair
08. yeah guess so, not seen your hair for a while…
09. GB of course!
10. A helping hand with the festival (did I type that out loud? d’oh)
11. um, not too well I guess, but we’ve had a few beers a few times
12. couple of months ago?
13. don’t think so
14. don’t be daft – although today on is “drop by and say hi” day

Rainbow dreams said...

01. Who are you? Katie
02. Are we friends? blog acquaintances/ friends
03. When and how did we meet? Think I popped by in January time on here
04. Do/Did you have a crush on me? No
05. Would you kiss me? If we met I'm sure I'd hug you
06. Describe me in one word. Real
07. What was your first impression? honest, bubbly, confident and fun
08. Do you still think that way about me now? yes I think so
09. What reminds you of me? here - oh and eating lobster
10. If you could give me anything what would it be? a migraine free life - I used to get them and they are awful
11. How well do you know me? only from here
12. When’s the last time you saw me? I haven't - no pictures either
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t? no - don't think so
14. Are you going to put this on your blog/journal and see what I say about you? Probably not ... not that brave!

Myn said...

01. Myn
02. Yes?
03. Via my husband/Greenbelt
04. No
05. Not if aforesaid husband was looking
06. Red-haired
07. Not to be messed with
08. Yep!
09. Colour-co-ordinated cocktails
10. A fridge magnet
11. Not as well as I'd like
12. Eurovision
13. Whatever it was it can't have been important
14. No, for I am a luddite with no blog

1 i z said...

Stick, so glad you don't think I'm scary anymore!

Steve - curry flavoured edible shoes? well hey who wants practical fashions eh?

Anne - of course I know who you (and John) are! Well in an internet sense at any rate. You are however wronger than a wrong thing about celery. Although you do home make chorizo so all things can be forgiven!

Darren - you know me well AND are prepared to have me look after your children?!? As for why you think of me as smiley - well I guess that's cos you make me smile :-)

1 i z said...

Sally - I fear people will be getting mixed messages, I mean if I turned you down (as if I would!) why was I in your bed when you left for the ferry? Is our shocking secret out?

Laura - oh it's been too long since we met up and discussed the physical similarities of Moomintrolls and torch-song-singers! Soon I promise. And about that GB offer... ;-)

Katie - ah to be remembered as one who eats lobster - I feel I've skipped up a social class or two. My mother would be so proud!

Myn - you can mess with me anytime hun, I'm a mere pussycat beneath the rough exterior. (of course it's well documented that I think pussycats are the spawn of satan, but...). In return for a fridge magnet (how random!), I could give you a blog?

Caroline said...

oh ok, i bite the bait
(forgive me father for I am about to sin)
1. caroline
2. friends? you expect me to be friends with someone who insists on rehoming all the world's mutant giraffes in my flat? Course we are. always. I hope.
3. on the GB angels stall at the wing & a prayer weekend a few years ago.
4. not a crush exactly, just a deep love... :)
5. chastely!
6. awesome
7. that you were married to Pab!!
8. no, now i think you're married to Nikki..... :)
9. my giraffe collection. all giraffes. everywhere.
10.a cure for migraine and for MS
11. I think i know you well, and then find there is sooo much more to you.
12. too long ago. a wicked weekend in gloucester i think.
13. yes. 'thank you'.
14. not just yet. when the frenzy is over maybe.

Jude said...

01. Who are you? Jude
02. Are we friends? Yes... but we need to be better!
03. When and how did we meet? You were wearing a radio headpiece... and then we got very drunk.
04. Do/Did you have a crush on me? more like hero-worship
05. Would you kiss me? pucker up!
06. Describe me in one word. amazing
07. What was your first impression? That you were in the 'ops clique' and that you had tabgible joie-de-vivres... I wanted a share of that!
08. Do you still think that way about me now? I don't think it's a clique... but the joie de vivre? yup.
09. What reminds you of me? Curry. Manchester. people with radios
10. If you could give me anything what would it be? a good fine man to treat you good.
11. How well do you know me? getting better all the time
12. When’s the last time you saw me? MG the other monday
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t? don't think so - we're both pretty blunt (in a good way)
14. Are you going to put this on your blog/journal and see what I say about you? where did you get it/

Emma said...

01. Emma
02. Yes, I think so.
03. Greenbelt, via Pab.
04. No, but you're a fine woman
05. Yes
06. Vivid
07. Great hair, great sense of humour.
08. Yes
09. Curry, drains (sorry!)
10. Instant, permanent migraine relief and a rich, doting boyfriend.
11. Moderately well, but I wish I knew you better.
12. On Mull
13. I think I would have come out with it if it's been important.
14. Well now, you know me and blogs. But you never know, I might crack after living with Pab for a bit :)

1 i z said...

Caroline - for a second there I read your answer number 9 as the response to question number 10! And yes I also hope we'll always be friends. Now play along and put it on your blog woman - go on be brave!

Jude - ah 'a good fine man to treat me right', what a lovely thought, recent models have been a bit substandard ;-) But hey who needs men eh? Looking forward to sharing some joie de vivre with you in August (aka important meetings if any one asks).

1 i z said...

Emma - hmmmm you may well 'crack' after living with Pab for a while, but if it's just in terms of relenting and getting a blog, then I think you'll be able to count yourself lucky ;-) btw it's been a pleasure getting to know you, our Pab deserved a fine woman and you fit the bill perfectly. Plus now he has a fine woman in his life I won't have to spend W&P weekends discussing the woes of his love-life with him in corners such that people (apparently) assume we're an old married couple! And hey we wouldn't want this rich doting fella you've got planned for me getting the wrong idea now would we?

Rob (the ergonomist). said...

01. R0b
02. That depends: are you after something?
03. At the '02 GB Festival
04. No, but I've had a beer on you.
05. OK, but don't tell the misses.
06. Supercalafragilisticexpialidocuois
07. Awe, at meeting One Who Was In Charge!
08. In a subtly different way.
09. BBQs in the rain
10. A faster means of travelling to and from London.
11. Not well enough to know why you don't like moggies.
12. Eurovision night.
13. "This road takes us back on to the motorway"
14. Regrettably, I am blogless. But you can mail me if you like

1 i z said...

Rob - this "subtly different way", would that be a "aha tis all smoke and mirrors" type of subtle difference?

And if you want a blog... ;-)

Anne said...

Oooer - Liz knows who I am!

But I'm afraid you have me all wrong - definitely NOT a domestic goddess - they have things like "tidiness" and "washing up" all sorted - both concepts I have great difficulty with...

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, as soon as I typed 'rich, doting boyfriend' I gave myself a firm, metphorical, right-on feminist kick in my stereotype-biased arse for suggesting that that would fix everything. Anyway, I'm glad P had you to share his angst with, I'm sure you were able to gently point him in the direction of sanity. It's been great fun getting to know you (who else whould I have shared nose-bending and tongue-rolling with at half-one in the morning? Actually, best not answer that one) and I hope we have plenty of future opportunities to laugh and share stories, and generally indulge in acidic wit and much silliness.

Here's a challenge for you (and fellow travellers in blogville): find ten people who would willingly read any blog that I would write, and I might do a trial one. Just a trial mind....just to see...

E x

Caroline said...

dear E.
Liz would
Caroline would!

that'll be 2 then....

aw go on...please.....!