Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sugar Free, Caffeine Free, Coke Free?

Now I don’t want to alarm anyone, but today is my ninth day, without any Diet Coke.

It started last weekend when the last thing in the world I wanted to drink was acidic cola of any variety.

In the following days, I was still feeling ropey and only eating and drinking bland stuffs.

Then I thought to myself, well I’m always meaning to cut down and always failing miserably, so maybe I need to do the cold-turkey thing.

It seems to have worked, I can honestly say that I’m not craving it and as long as I’ve got ice-cold water (including sparkling mineral water at times), I’m quite happy.

This is most unlike me – I drink gallons of the stuff (caffeine free of course) normally. Maybe I’ve still not completely well; or maybe it really is addictive and I’ve broken the cycle? Either way this has to be a good thing. I’m not saying I’m never going to drink it again (after all what else would one mix with one’s Stoli?), but at the moment, day on day, I’m not indulging.

After an afternoon of Greenbelt work and phonecalls fitted around the footie ( 1-0! quarter-finals here we come!), P&S come round for an indulgent evening of chat, Doctor Who (I’m so good to them), pizza and ice cream (yay! B&J’s Phish Food!).

P&S drink Diet Coke from my fridge.

I drink mineral water.

They look at me funny.


sally said...

I am going to get your willpower and give up coffee, tea, biscuits, chocolate, biscuits, chocolate...and drink more water and eat more fruit and veg. You know the 2 litres of water and 5 portions a day? I am more like, 2 litres and 3 a year.....but at least I don't drink coke or alcohol....:)

Rob (the ergonomist). said...

Darn... Just when I was about to ask you for your empty bottles too.

What am I going to put my ginger beer into now?

1 i z said...

Oooh Rob, I have some lovely mineral water bottles for you, much nicer size/shape.

I'll start saving...