Saturday, April 29, 2006

Things you stumble upon on the internet

IM leaves mid-morning, which leaves me with plenty of time to play with my new toy.

Hundreds of subscriptions to switch email addresses on, new programmes to download, fun to be had.

And then Messenger pops up and Steve holds my hand and introduces me to new worlds like free audio calls and...oh well let's be honest lots of amusing animated 'winks'. emoticons.

Then more tours of blogs etc, with no need to keep an eye on the clock.

ANd then...I kid you not...I stumbled upon a link to a blog entitled Conclusive Evidence that Dave Cullen Existed.

Well I had to click didn't I?

You know, the photo suggests it's not him, but the description above...


sally said...

I was about to say, doesn't having a man friend mean you don't need a new toy.....then I realised what you you will have to explain a lot of the things you mentioned like 'Messneger popped up' and other wonderful discoveries I don't know about..I obviously haven't spent enough time playing!

Rob said...

So ... you were googling on Cullen's name?

Kathryn said...

Ooh...Liz.....get Sally to sort out messenger then we need never work again!
Great to chat. Looking forward to further procrastination at the earliest opportunity x

1 i z said...

Sally - wash your mind out young lady! I was clearly refering to the old wireless broadband malarky.

And Rob, that's such a bizarre thought. No the truth is that Maggi's Blog refered to a post on Real Live Preacher's Blog and his blog linked to 'Dave Cullen'.

Kathryn, you're right. We need to get everyone on Messenger and then we need ever do anything constructive with our lives ever again!

Caroline said...

i've messengered you but you clearly don't love me enough to respond. :) hug :)

Caroline said...


1 i z said...

Amazing what can happen when we're both on the 'same' messenger.

Honestly why do Yahoo and Windows Live/MSN have to use the same name eh?

Or maybe we were both being dim?