Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well it's installed and working pretty much ok.

In fact the only problem so far seems to be that I'm struggling to be able to send emails from my old email account (using Outlook Express).

It will send emails to it's own email address, but seemingly not to any others.

Any ideas welcome!


stuart said...

oooooh I know how to fix it ring me!!!!!

sally said...

show off

Caroline said...

yes, and now you can use the landline AND sort out the internet at the same time.
clever in't it!

1 i z said...

Well Stuart, you certainly won buddy points.

You solved half the problem...and I worked out the SMTP authentication issue for myself.

So (touch wood) it all 'seems' to be working.

Rainbow dreams said...

excellent Liz, am pleased if it's all working smoothly now - and am impressed as SMTP authentication goes way over my head!!