Monday, April 24, 2006


Oh what a start to the week. Less than 60 seconds from leaving my house, I’m turning out of a road, when whomp the car behind ploughs into the back of me.

Surprising little damage to either car (small cracks to bumpers is about it) and no one hurt, so I guess it could be worse. Plus the other driver is friendly and apologetic and we just calmly swap details and wish each other a better ‘rest of the day’.

Let’s hope the week gets better from here on in eh?


sally said...

I drove into the back of a plumber's van on friday after a long phone conversation with someone..I was reaching across to the passenger seat at the time to reach some chocolate..felt the slight crunch as I hit and waited for large plumber to leap out of van and have a go at me. He didn't bother on the grounds- i guess - that a. it was his employer's van.. and b. my little car hadn't done much damage!!!!

Caroline said...

sally - for womeone with 12 points on their licence...two counts of the 'due care and attention' would mean we'd be veising you in prison! no phone calls! no chocolate! no plumbers vans!

1 i z said...

Hmmm C has a point - maybe this chocolate thing has gone too far? Broken laptops, damaged plumber vans...not to mention that extraordinary behaviour on the train to Bristol with a chocolate orange...

Sally my love I think we need to stage an intervention.

You are no longer controlling the is controlling you.

Still salvation is at hand...the other thing we didn't mention about Iona, is that cocoa is banned in all its forms. Time to go cold turkey.

Rainbow dreams said...

Wishing you a better rest of week liz