Friday, April 21, 2006

Birthday Celebrations

The day starts reasonably well, but hits a rather stupid, entirely self-imposed work-related hiccup just after 4pm.

What you need at that point is a good friend that you can talk to. A friend who will hear your worries and understand, a friend who will help you think more calmly and help you find a route to resolution.

Fortunately, just such a friend was at the other end of the phone, and I make it home rather later than planned, but in a relatively unstressed state.

After last night’s adventures in cuisine, I decide that Tapas would be a safer option for this evening (bowls of small bits of food, no power tools required etc).

Accordingly IM and I head to Dimitri’s where I am treated to a fine birthday feast of food and wine. Next we head to Atlas bar and enjoy drinks out on the terrace.

IM however is keen to see more of the city, so we move on and head towards Rain Bar (the building is an old umbrella factory). Unfortunately on the way, IM is seduced by a flyer advertising free entry and cheap drinks at Aqua Bar. Despite all my protestations of “it looks crap and completely dead”, he insists we check it out.


Let’s just say, it’s very clear he’s better at choosing wonderful bouquets of flowers than drinking places. If it were a restaurant you’d be expecting Gordon Ramsay to turn up any second and go ballistic.

It kills the mood of the evening and despite our rapid moving on to Rain Bar the atmosphere never really covers and before too much later we’re wending our weary way home.

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