Sunday, April 09, 2006

Duke's and Canal Walk

S rings to arrange to pick up her bag etc from last week. With P away I reject her suggestions of taxis and say I’ll drop it round.

Triumphant from her Palm Sunday procession (complete with donkey from the local sanctuary), she suggests we take the opportunity for a pleasant Sunday afternoon. We head to Dukes for a very late lunch and then walk it off down the canal.

Fortunately we manage to time the walk to fit the beautiful sunny spells between the hail storms (weird, weird weather).

I’ve never seen the canal so full and flowing so fast. When a canal boat passes through the locks, the sudden release of flow to the downstream section is enough to cause the canal to over top and the towpath to flood.

One doesn’t usually expect to have to time one’s walking of sections to avoid the ‘tides’!

Being responsible citizens we also check on the well-being of the ducks and geese we pass on the way.

We’re suspicious about the tendency of these ducks to hide their beaks under their wings. Avoiding the chilly wind or wiping a snotty beak – you decide.

We enquire after the health of some Canada Geese we come across, but they don’t respond. S suggests that they may be French Canadian. We try in French, but still no joy.

We tell them they’re doomed (they may have preparations they’d like to make) and we move on.

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