Friday, April 07, 2006

Skipton, Howarth and beyond

We start the day with a walk around Burnsall and along the river. It truly is a beautiful spot.

Then we head to Skipton and tour the town and the market, admiring the fabulous cheese stalls as we go.

Next on to Howarth for the usual mixture of Bronte-themed tourist attractions, weird sweet and apothecary shops and disappointing tea rooms.

Finally, a brief tour up to the moors before I drop S early evening at Keighley, where she’s meeting up with P.

Heading homewards I call in at old friends P and R’s, who I haven’t seen for far too long.

It’s wonderful to catch up with them and the kids. I’m reminded why I like them so much – I really mustn’t leave it so long next time.

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