Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well after two years of decidedly unreliable service I have indeed binned off Squawkbox in favour of what will hopefully be a more reliable commenting service.

There’s only so much you can put up with. Especially when numerous free services now provide the functionality that I was paying for with a Squawkbox Pro account.

The final straw was a combination of the system going down for several days yet again and the news on checking the Squawkbox website, that they themselves are planning to withdraw the service at the end of the year.

I guess dropping their subscribers an email would have just been a bit too much like customer service…something that along with quality they seem to regard as out-moded concepts.


Caroline said...

why? was there a problem with your comments provider? really? can't say i'd ever noticed...

big happy grin

sally said...

Hey! Cause for celebration!!!

Steve said...

*ahem* 'testing testing 1,2,1,2...'

is this thing on?


1 i z said...

Thanks Steve - seems to be working ok!

Whilst you're here - any chance of you doing a personal gig for our Sall in her living room? It's the only way she stands a chance of being it the right place at the right time...and even then I'd suggest reminder phone calls on the hour every hour for the preceeding 48...